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3 Hospitals Exploring Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful tea. Mindful t-shirts. Mindful mints. 

If you haven’t noticed, mindfulness is having its “moment” today — kind of like yoga did 10 years ago. 

In “The Hidden Price of Mindfulness Inc.,” David Gelles explores all the ways we’re being sold the idea that we can buy mindfulness, whether it’s on our phone (there’s an app for that) or in mayonnaise (seriously). 

It turns out some hospitals offer mindfulness programs, too. Here are a few highlights: 

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals: Zen-like marketing copy

This hospital knows its audience. Notice the tone of this paragraph:

Mindfulness is about paying attention. It’s about living your life in the richness of right now, not being lost in memories of the past or overwhelmed by the worries or projections of the future. It's a simple practice that strengthens the mind's ability to stay focused on what is happening right now and to be open to experience — meeting the present moment with kindness and non-reactivity.


The Mindfulness Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals offers programs for the public throughout the year. See more here. 

University of Iowa Health Care: Catering to a core demographic

Kudos to the University of Iowa Health Care for understanding a core demographic in Iowa City so well: college students. It offers a course just for them. 

Mindfulness for Undergraduate Students focuses on “learning life skills including: navigating transitions, attending with clarity and focus, interrupting unhealthy habits, making more skillful choices, and cultivating self-compassion. Students have the opportunity to examine the research on mindfulness and consider its personal/professional relevance.”

UW Health: Offering a variety of classes

UW Health’s Integrative Medicine Program offers a variety of mindfulness classes, from newbies to graduates. There’s even classes for teens and middle schoolers. In addition, a patient could sign up for an individual consultation or take a retreat with others. Even better? There’s free drop-in sessions on Fridays. 

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