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4 Must-Read Hospital Mommy Blogs

Unfortunately, sometimes, the word “mommy” in front of a blog gets a bad rap. Like “chic” lit. People don’t take it seriously. They think the topics are silly. Or the writing is fluffy. 

Well, let's dispel these myths right now. A well-written and user-friendly mommy blog not only connects patients to your hospital, but helps moms in your community come together and make informed decisions on their kids' health. 

Here are a few that do just that:

Intermountain Healthcare: The Headline Masters

You can tell the editor of this site discovered the magic of putting a number in the headline. Check out these click-worthy heds:

St. Louis Children’s Hospital: For Moms, By Moms

Posts are written by the team of five “mom docs.” Topics range from: nutrition, chronic illness and safety. “These are more than professional opinions,” the blog says. “For the Children’s MomDocs, this is personal.” 

UnityPoint Health: A Realistic Portrayal of Motherhood

Even though it’s run by UnityPoint Health, the blog calls itself, “The Real Moms of Eastern Iowa.” There are a few medical posts written doctors, but the tone of this blog is supposed to be personal and friendly. Almost like your PTA buddy wrote it (see: Kids Say The Funniest Things, Dating Your Spouse and The Not-So-Amazing Christmas Vacation). 

Seattle Children’s Hospital: The Mommy Doc Who Started It All

You can’t have an authoritative list of mommy blogs without including @SeattleMamaDoc. She was inspired to start blogging to dispel anti-vaccinators and now she’s covered topics from gun control to smartphone safety with gusto. Looking to convince one of your doctors to start a blog? Send them her way. 

Find out why hospital mommy blogs help make "Healthcare Marketing on Fleek."