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Healthcare Marketer and Social Media Specialist

Jessica Levco is an experienced healthcare marketer and social media specialist. She creates must-read content for hospitals, healthcare non-profits and associations. 

5 Job Perks Your Healthcare Marketing Team Could Offer

I recently got back from a trip to San Francisco. A lot of my friends out there are living the Silicon Valley dream at work — unlimited vacation, nap rooms and free laundry service. Hearing their stories got me thinking about how hospital marketers could start sharing some goodies with their own staff. 

Your marketing staff needs to stay competitive in recruiting the best talent. Gone are the days where you can just offer a health plan, a 401K and two weeks paid vacation. You’ve got to give people perks — especially your millennial employees. 

But I know you have to be realistic. Imagine Bob’s face from Legal if you said you were going to start Whiskey Fridays (I'm looking at you, DropBox).

So, here are a few other reasonable and cost-friendly ideas that will help you recruit and retain your best staff: 

Pet insurance. Hey, you might think that sounds like a crazy offer, but 35 percent of millennials own pets. Dogs and cats probably aren’t allowed at your hospital, so why not throw Fido a bone and help alleviate the cost of some vet bills? 

Yoga classes. You’re at a hospital. Surely, there’s gotta be somebody who can teach your team a sun salutation.  

Nutrition counseling. Once again, use your hospital’s services to the best of your ability. A healthy person makes a happy employee. 

Go out to lunch. Instead of having to deal with the mess and stress of ordering food, take your team to a nearby restaurant. It’ll be good for everybody to get out of the office.  

Paid parental leave. This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many companies don’t offer this. You can be different.