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Jessica Levco is an experienced healthcare marketer and social media specialist. She creates must-read content for hospitals, healthcare non-profits and associations. 

6 Tips for Tweeting a Healthcare Conference

I’m dreaming in tweets.

That’s because I spent three days, tweeting non-stop on behalf of the Twitter account for the Forum of Healthcare Strategists. During their recent Chicago conference, these tweets made more than 20,000 impressions.

That's a lot of impressions. 

My motto for tweeting healthcare conferences is this: I’m only going to tweet if I have a hunch it’s going to get liked or re-tweeted. 

But how do I know what’s going to work? Here are a few tips: 

Summarize fast

During their presentation, Chris Bevolo and Chris Boyer from ReviveHealth spent a chunk of time talking about CRMs and marketing automation. This can be a complicated, thorny topic, but yet, something had to be said about it. 

One of my most popular tweets was:

@ChrisBevolo: The good news about #marketing automation? Cheaper than a CRM. The bad? It takes a lot of work. 

Skip the numbers

Speakers love filling their presentations with numbers and facts. That’s great. But most likely, everybody who is tweeting is going to share these statistics. Why? Because it’s an easy tweet. If you want your tweets to be noticed, you can’t say the same thing the person next to you does. 

Share the love

Let’s face it: Tweeting can be tiring. If you need a break, spend a few minutes re-tweeting and liking what other people are saying. Remember, you’re all in this together.

Be spunky

People will be more receptive to “liking” your tweets if they feel like they “like” you. Don’t be afraid to add some color to your tweets. If a speaker says something thought-provoking, add an “Amen!” “Geez!” or “Yikes!” before you quote him or her.

Use speaker handles or hospital handles

After sessions, you’ll see most speakers on their phones, scrolling through the hashtag. They want to know if people were talking about them. That’s why you should give them proper attribution credit during their presentation. 

Update your blog

Not only was I tweeting, but I was also writing stories on behalf of the Forum’s website. If you have a blog, share what you’re learning. Here are a few examples from the conference: 

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