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Jessica Levco is an experienced healthcare marketer and social media specialist. She creates must-read content for hospitals, healthcare non-profits and associations. 

3 Reasons Why People Don't Write

When I tell people I'm a writer, I get a strong reaction.

Most people tell me they hate to write. 

They tell me all their problems and excuses for why they don't write, why they wish they could write more or about how their 7th grade English teacher ruined them with diagramming sentences.

While I feel their pain (those “rocket ships” were a real nightmare), I tell them that writing is hard because it’s hard. And the reason why writers love it is because there’s nothing better than a perfectly constructed sentence. 

Here’s a few other excuses people tell me — and what I say back: 

“It’s not going to be perfect.”

Oh, well. Sometimes, I’ve just got to churn things out — because hey, I’ve committed to writing a blog every Thursday, right? (Me answering back in my head: Right.)

“Having a blank piece of paper is the worst.” 

That’s why I don’t start out with a blank piece of paper — I start out thinking. For example, this blog post idea has been sloshing around in my brain for about eight days. When it was finally time to sit down and write it, the words flowed. 

“I don’t have enough time.” 

Get out a timer. Write hard for 10 minutes. Keep going. Don’t look up from your screen. There, you did it. 

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