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What Hospital Marketers Can Learn From Nike's $14 Billion Dollar Mistake

Allow me to indulge on writing another blog post about my favorite person in the news and on the basketball court: Steph Curry. 

Back in 2013, Curry had a contract with Nike. When it was time for him to re-sign the contract, several things went wrong during Nike's pitch. According to ESPN, the Nike representative mispronounced his name. It got worse when a slide in the PowerPoint presentation featured Kevin Durant’s name, instead of his. 


So, instead of re-signing with Nike, Curry signed a contract with Under Armour for just under $4 million and agreed to a contract extension through 2024. Now, Curry is worth $14 billion to Under Armour. 

As writers and marketers, we all know mistakes like the Nike rep made can happen. Especially if you don’t have extra money in your budget to work with an agency or hire another editor, you’ve got to be proactive about avoiding editing mistakes. 

Instead of just using Spellcheck and hoping for the best, here are some things you and your team could start doing to make sure your copy is error-free (or…wait, is it error free?): 

  1. Do peer editing. Remember your ENG-101 class when you sat around and read what your classmates wrote? Even though your co-worker isn’t writing their thesis on The Canterbury Tales, they still might need some advice on how to make that OBGYN copy shine. 
  2. Write like crazy. Edit like crazy. Then, stop. Do something else. Later in the day, come back to the copy for one last hard edit. 
  3. Set up your deadlines a day ahead of time. That way, you’ll build in some extra time for editing. 
  4. Know what time of day you edit best. Stick to that schedule. 
  5. Limit all your distractions. Really focus on what you’re doing. Don’t worry. Highlights of watching Steph Curry hit 3-pointers will still be there when you're done.