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Healthcare Marketer and Social Media Specialist

Jessica Levco is an experienced healthcare marketer and social media specialist. She creates must-read content for hospitals, healthcare non-profits and associations. 

5 Distinctive Hospital Brand Voices

You know that “content is king.” You also know that when you write this content, you’ve got to eliminate all the medical jargon that sneaks into it.

But once you’ve stripped away all the “utilizes,” “best in class” and “cutting edge technology,” what are you left with? 

Your hospital’s voice. 

Your voice is how you’re talking to patients. Your voice is how they perceive you. Your voice can range from formal to friendly, but whatever you do — stick to it. You can’t sound like “the voice of God” in a newsletter and then, a “compassionate neighbor” on your new microsite.

You want your voice to tell patients who you are, what you do and why you’re different than the hospital down the street. 

Here’s a look at some hospitals that are doing just that: 

Dignity Health: Not sounding like a traditional hospital 

I got hooked on Dignity Health’s voice when I saw when I saw their booth at San Francisco’s Super Bowl City. Their microsite, “Hello humankindness,” places a strong emphasis on mental health and well-being. You forget you’re looking at a hospital website when you read this: “We live in a goal-oriented society. Most of us imagine a healthier version of ourselves and make plans to achieve it, with mixed success and satisfaction. Instead, let's look at health as a process, informed by knowledge, which we practice a little bit every day.”

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children: Knows their audience

When defining your voice, know who you’re talking to. That’s what this children’s hospital does throughout its website: it’s talking directly to worried moms and dads. Their voice is reassuring and realistic. And their blog doesn’t just concentrate on life-threatening childhood illnesses — it’s a mix of everything from understanding nutritional labeling to teething.  

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center: Professional and approachable

This academic medical hospital knows how to explain thorny, complicated issues in a factual, but easy-to-understand manner. Plus, their voice is written with the mobile audience in mind — lots of subheads and bullet points. Kudos to OSU Wexner Medical Center for touting their experience and expertise, but in a humble, Midwestern kind of way. 

Aurora Health Care: This one is for “you”

Their voice is easy, breezy and directed at you — really, each page is filled with “you’s.” When you read their copy, you feel like Aurora Health Care is on your side and wants to help. Here’s an example: “You have high expectations for your women’s health care provider. You want someone you can trust and confide in, someone knowledgeable about women’s care who can guide you through every stage of life. That’s where we can help.”

Texas Health Resources: Pays attention to detail

What makes one hospital sound different than another? It’s the little touches that count. For example, at Texas Health Resources, take a look at how they labeled their main tabs — “Find it Fast,” “Get it Done” and “Look it up.” And with a click of a button, all the pages can be translated into Spanish. Buen trabajo!